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Replacing emdebian-tools with emdebian-crush

The RFH bug (request for help) against emdebian-tools has now been
retitled RM (request for removal of the package from testing and
unstable). The new version is called emdebian-crush and is based on the
scripts in experimental. Before the new version can migrate into
testing, the old versions need to be removed. Suitable Conflicts: are
in place so that the old packages should be removed upon installing the
new ones.

(The RFH bug is to be closed because Hector has joined the uploaders
and the package has now become small enough.)

A lot of changes have gone into the new version of these scripts,
renamed to use a new source package name, dropping the debconf
templates, dropping lots of superceded scripts and putting in a new
package for cross-build support - pdebuild-cross - which itself could
be absorbed into pbuilder once various problems of installing cross
-dev dependencies inside a chroot.

The package name has been changed because the package can no longer
support all Emdebian variants, only the Crush variant. Other variants
are supported by multistrap and emdebian-grip packages.

The new package has to go through NEW and then migrate into testing but
this package has to be removed from unstable and testing in the

In due course, buildcross should provide for some of the gaps
(currently an ITP).

The process of folding cross-building support into mainstream Debian
packages continues....

In due course, pdebuild-cross will morph into pbuilder and
emdebian-crush will become not much more than a set of configuration
files for use by emdebian-grip.

emdebian-tools 1.4.3 will remain in Lenny but Squeeze will be served by
emdebian-crush, emdebian-grip, pdebuild-cross and multistrap.

So long, e-t and thanks for all the cross fish.


Neil Williams

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