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Re: Joining Open Invention Network

+++ Nick Bane [2010-05-13 14:46 +0100]:
> Wookey
> This sounds good in principle.
> The only problem I can forsee is where TCL might (for example)  
> inadvertently exposing all/any TCL IP to the world by a simple 
> distribution cockup at TCL. 

Emdebian joining OIN maks no difference in this regard. TCL has not
joined OIN unless it chooses to, so it has not signed up to any
non-agression agreement, or patent-sharing agreement.

"5.3 This Agreement shall not affect any provision in other patent
license agreements between You or Your Affiliates and any third party."

If it accidentally ships all its sources somewhere it didn't mean to,
then the risks in that remain as before.

The OIN agreement is between 'legal persons' - it has nothing to do
with distribution, the way the GPL does.

> is Debian a memeber too?

Not currently. 

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