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Re: Emdebian Grip Baked (Lenny)


>> List of packages passed to apt:
>> dash snmpd dropbear openssl dhttpd lighttpd apache2

I do not have apt on baked and I can not chroot into it.

$ sudo chroot baked-sid/
chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory

Having the above list of packages written in configuration file as:
  packages=dash snmpd dropbear openssl dhttpd lighttpd apache2

>> Some surprises, the list above resulted in some unexpected dependencies
>> being included:
>> libpq5
>> libdb4.6
>> libmysqlclient15off
>> libsqlite3-0
>> All 4???? sqlite is fine, but the rest???
>> If someone can work out quite why this happened, file some bugs.
>> :-)

It did not happen to me (attached conf file), everything was fine :-)

>> I haven't actually tested these packages but do make sure you're using
>> multistrap from experimental before testing. (The next version of
>> multistrap is heading back into unstable soon.)

I am currently using
$ multistrap --help
em_multistrap version 2.0.9
ii  multistrap                                    2.0.9

Currently fetching 2.1.4 to repeat the tests.

>> Details being added to the baked/ webpage soon....
> I did a quick multistrap test with the above configuration but got an
> error with the emdebian keyring.
> E: Couldn't find package emdebian-archive-keyring
> I commented out the keyring= statement to get it working.

Yes, emdebian-archive-keyring must be missing from baked repositories,
I got the same.

> The size of the rootfs is looking good -- well better than Grip anyhow.

I am getting,

$ sudo du -sh grip-* (with just packages=apt)
53M     grip-lenny
46M     grip-sid

$ sudo du -sh baked-*
25M     baked-lenny (without packages from above)
76M     baked-lenny (with above packages)

But when I chroot into baked it hangs, uhm.. not actually... looks
like it, but there is no prompt symbols (cool!)
$ sudo chroot baked-lenny/ /bin/dash
bin  dev  etc  lib  lib64  sbin  selinux  tmp  usr  var
uid=0 gid=0 groups=0,111

 Héctor Orón

"Our Sun unleashes tremendous flares expelling hot gas into the Solar
System, which one day will disconnect us."

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