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Simplifying dpkg-cross dependencies

dpkg-cross currently brings in a lot of dependencies - mainly related
to parsing the config file which, AFAICT, contains lots of legacy

# general section: paths of cross compiling environment
# you can set the following variables here:
#  crossprefix: prefix for cross compiling binaries; default:
# $(DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM)- crossbase  : base prefix for the following;
# default: /usr crossdir   : base directory for architecture; default:
#               $(CROSSBASE)/$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)
#  crossbin   : dir for binaries; default: $(CROSSDIR)/bin
#  crosslib   : dir for libraries; default: $(CROSSDIR)/lib
#  crossinc   : dir for headers; default: $(CROSSDIR)/include
#  maintainer : maintainer name to pass to original dpkg-buildpackage
#               in -m option. If not set at all, don't pass a -m, thus
#               dpkg-buildpackage will use the name from the changelog
#               file. If set to the special string CURRENTUSER,
#               dpkg-buildpackage will use the name from the
#               changelog, too, but signing the .changes will be done
#               as the current user (default key).
#  removedeps : comma-separated list of package names that should be
# removed from depends/conflicts/etc fields
#  keepdeps   : comma-separated list of package names that should be
# kept in depends/conflicts/etc fields as is, without adding
#               -arch-cross.
# In preparation for merging dpkg-cross into dpkg, the previous
# defaults have been removed.

If I remove support for all of these variables (making dpkg-cross only
need configuration for default_arch), I can remove the majority of the
current dependencies.

As noted, the old defaults have already been removed but the variables
are still (theoretically) active.

Anyone still need these variables?

Can we drop all support for reading these variables?


Neil Williams

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