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Please test multistrap 2.1.3

I'm preparing updated webpages for the www.emdebian.org website to
cover the ongoing experiments with Crush, changes related to multistrap
usage and general updates.

Once those are committed, I'll be migrating multistrap 2.1.x out of
experimental into Debian unstable and thence into Squeeze, at which
point emsandbox will disappear, the emdebian-rootfs package itself will
disappear (provided by multistrap) and all rootfs stuff using emdebian
scripts will need to work with multistrap.

(IIRC emsandbox itself hasn't worked properly for some time anyway.)

Please test multistrap 2.1.3 in Debian experimental against your
current usage and report bugs against the Debian package wherever there
are issues.

There are lots of new features in multistrap 2.1.x - most of which are
only now gaining documentation. Check the updated package for example
configuration files (which now include cascading support and tarball
creation), see if the functionality matches your expectation and report
bugs where things differ.

Multistrap configuration can be as simple or as complex as you require
- whenever you do report bugs, please include the entire cascade of
configuration files. e.g. if there's a problem with a configuration
file which includes /usr/share/multistrap/armel.conf, don't forget to
specify that /usr/share/multistrap/crosschroot.conf is also included
and if you've altered either of those files, include the full text in
the bug report.

You can get an idea of the configuration that results from a particular
cascade using the --simulate option to multistrap. The output needs
improvement, so ideas on what should be shown and how can also be filed
as bugs.

Also check out pdebuild-cross which is a new binary package from the
emdebian-tools source (it does not depend on the rest of
emdebian-tools) which is currently waiting in the Debian NEW queue,
heading into Debian experimental. I was going to upload it to
www.emdebian.org/debian but then it would replace most current
installations of emdebian-tools when it is really still an experimental
branch. pdebuild-cross is a very simple package, based on multistrap
configuration - you can see how it works direct from the shell scripts:


The only complex part is the cross-deps hook and that's only complex
because it is still using apt-cross. (Ignore D00-switch-distro-hook,
that isn't used yet.)


Neil Williams

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