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Re: Crush and maintainer scripts - Emdebian BAKED

On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 07:39:24 -0400
Jim Heck <jsurf@heckheck.com> wrote:

> On 4/13/2010 4:12 AM, Neil Williams wrote:
> >
> > The expectation would then be that multistrap would work with such
> > local repositories to impose the relevant configuration using device
> > table files, pre-configured files to go into /etc/ and various other
> > steps.
> Forgive my ignorance (I lurk, but I admit I'm not up to speed with how 
> things currently work..), but I have a question.  Would the scripts 
> (preinst, postinst...) get run once by some part of the emdebian 
> toolchain process (multistrap?) that builds the baked root filesystem?  

No. Not at all. In Baked, the entire system configuration is up for
grabs - if you don't implement it, it won't exist.

Multistrap won't have any preinst or postinst scripts to run - the
"baking" process happens in two stages:

1. Packages are "baked" by emgrip and put into a (local) repository

2. Multistrap takes packages from that repository and creates the root
filesystem - various hooks are used to implement all the configuration
you need and nothing in the package installation process would change
that. Necessarily, if a package modifies some configuration *at
runtime* then that happens as normal.

> Or would the developer need to craft some of the preinst/postinst 
> actions on their own (such as creating runlevel links, etc.)?  I ask, 

Not as preinst and postinst, you'd simply write a script that does the
entire job for all packages in one step.

> since in our approach, the preinst scripts are converted into python 
> scripts that distill down to the essential steps needed to install the 
> package and are run on the expanded root filesystem.  This is one of the 
> big drawbacks to the roll it yourself approach I currently have to 
> maintain, since I have to adjust the scripts every time an upstream 
> package changes if they do something different or new.

Changes in Debian packages will not affect your configuration with

Neil Williams

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