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Re: can i get/install texlive-latex-extra in grip

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010 19:02:47 +0200
Christoph Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@gister.de> wrote:

> as I understand there are legal issues with gripping texlive-latex-*
> (as far as it's for the docs),

Not true. If there were, the package would not be able to go into
Debian main. Any package in main must allow arbitrary modification
which includes removing files or sections or files. Invariant sections
(as in the GFDL) are not allowed in main.

> also the size of texlive-latex-extra is
> reason for not wanting things as dependencies,

That and there being no obvious reason why an embedded device would
want these huge packages.

> but is there intention
> to get texlive-latex-extra into grip

Why? Documentation is one of the key things to remove from Grip, it
makes it hard to see why documentation tools are useful. The packages
that do exist in the doc section at generally only there as incidentals.

No, I won't be adding this package to Grip. It makes no sense.
Someone'll ask for Ooo next.

> or a way to get the package from
> the debian squeeze repository ?

$ sudo apt-get install emdebian-grip
$ sudo apt-grip texlive-latex-extra

apt-grip is in the emdebian-grip package. The package is architecture
all so you can run apt-grip on any machine and install the gripped
package on any grip device.  I don't see the point though - the vast
bulk of the package will be retained in the grip version, so you may as
well just get it from Debian in the first place.

If the device has enough room for textlive-latex-extra why are you
looking to put Grip on it in the first place??


Neil Williams

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