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Obtaining and installing...

Greetings peoples,

I have been pondering installing grip for some time, I finally decided I
want to do it.

It seems the documentation is somewhat broken.. do I presume that I use
a normal Debian install media and point it at emdebian.org at the right
moment or is there some other method ?

Either way I have a bit of a challenge as I want to use this on a
TS-7550 ARM based SBC, its only IO is via USB ports (2 of) or eth0.

I have a way to get standard Debian on to these systems, but I would
prefer to save the space and get to emdebian.. is that do-able ? if yes,
can anyone point me at a HOWTO (change sources.list and run dist-upgrade
??) ?

Sorry that post number 1 is a long one, but I has plenty questions..


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