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RE: emdebian generated build directories and files

>> we run emdebuild -v in the fpga_loader directory. The make file is
>> generated using the automake tools and resides in bld. The build
>> specific parts reside in bld as desired.
>> However, after the package was build we have the following:
>> fpgaloader.grip
>> fpga_loader
>>   bld
>>   debian
>>   src
>>   build-stamp
>> fpgaloader_0.0.1-1em1_arm.deb
>> fpgaloader*.build
>> fpgaloader*.dsc
>> fpgaloader*.changes
>> fpgaloader.tar.gz
>> Is it possible that all generated files are in the bld folder? Our
>> source package repository is full with stuff which shouldn't be
>> So for example fpgaloader.grip should be in the bld directory.
>Use 'dcmd' to pick out the files relevant to the .changes (and/or
>the .dsc) and move them to where you want them once emdebuild has
>(This is how svn-buildpackage and others do the same job.)
>$ dcmd ls foo.changes
>$ dcmd cp foo.changes path/
>The standard method in Debian is that the results of the build are put
>into ../ so that ./ can be cleaned out.

Hello Neil,
Thanks for your very quick reply.
it worked for most of the files, I tried dcmd mv ../fpgaloader*.changes

fpgaloader.grip and fpgaloader*_arm.build do still remain in ../
I am looking for a more general approach, if possible. For example it is
still required to know the file ../fpgaloader*.changes
It is a bit better then doing a mv ../fpgaloader* /bld

Any ideas?

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