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Re: Renesas SH4 support in emdebian

Hello Nobuhiro,

2010/2/15 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@debian.org>:
>>> Where should I begin work with?
>>> I want to support cross compiler, Emdebian Crush and Emdebian Grip and
>>> documents.
>> I think you should be able to build a SH cross compiler with current
>> ('lenny') approach. Since I am still working for the unstable cross
>> compiler, it should also be able to support such architecture, but
>> work is not ready yet.
> Cross compiler of unstable is working now[0]. But stable(lenny) is not.
> Because lenny does not support sh4.
> And I think that it is difficult for sh4 to support lenny now.

Those are good news. I think, correct me if I am wrong, cross compiler
you have built it is a bare metal compiler. In case you need a
compiler linked against eglibc, you can try to do it the way it is
explained at:


A long time ago I tested it, it was working fine for me, I can't
remember if by that time sh* architectures were in dpkg tables or I
had to add them locally.

I am short of time to work on this, but let me know if you have any
issues or if I can help either way.

 Héctor Orón

"Our Sun unleashes tremendous flares expelling hot gas into the Solar
System, which one day will disconnect us."

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