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Re: xserver-xorg-input-evtouch help

On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:18:38 +0100
Ronald Púpala <pupala@nethouse.sk> wrote:

> Hi,
> exist xserver-xorg-input-evtouch packege for emdebian?

Which Emdebian distro? Grip?

I'll add that package to unstable in due course (and it'll migrate into
testing later) but you can also add it to any machine already running
Grip by using apt-grip which is in the emdebian-grip package. (You may
need to add the dev component to your apt sources to see the package -
"deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip testing main dev" if you're using
Squeeze, similarly for sid & unstable etc.)

You can also install the emdebian-grip package onto any machine running
Debian and convert the package there, if it is the same architecture as
the device with the touchscreen. (Conversion of foreign architecture
packages with apt-grip will have to wait until MultiArch is fully
implemented in Debian.)


(which reminds me, that manpage needs a bit more content, specifically
this content:)

 apt-grip [-M|--mirror] [-V|--vendor] [-S|--suite] [-k|--keep-cache]
PACKAGES ... apt-grip -c|--clean-cache
 apt-grip -?|-h|--help|--version

 -c|--clean-cache:   Remove any downloaded cache files and exit.

 -b|--build-only:     Get and process the packages, do not install
                       (implies -k)
 -M|--mirror:         A Debian mirror with the requested package(s)
 -S|--suite:          Which Debian suite to use for the package(s)
 -V|--vendor:         Alternative to setting DEB_VENDOR
 -k|--keep-cache:     Preserve the downloaded cache files to use again.

... which comes from apt-grip --help

> I know compile it from source, but don't know create
> gripped package with udev rules and other support files.

Compiling from source is one option but for Grip you are best doing
that by building the Debian package from source. Once built, you can
simply "grip" the .deb directly. See emgrip (1) for info on that.

$ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="usegrip" emgrip -o /path/ foo.deb

All apt-grip does is obtain the .deb from Debian and then pass it
through the above command.

(Yes, I do need to add this documentation somewhere. Got a lot of other
stuff to get done first though. Feel free to create a page on the
Debian Wiki and link to that from the Emdebian page.)

Also, feel free to file bugs against the emdebian-grip package for the
missing documentation in the manpages . . . and/or the
buildd.emdebian.org pseudo package for the missing documentation on
the www.emdebian.org website and/or the missing package itself.

Mailing list promises get forgotten in the melee, bug reports don't.


Neil Williams

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