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Bug#545464: Zombie cross packages

tag 545464 - patch

The plan for the transition will be:

0. fix dpkg-cross to properly create the packages that should have been
made in the latest release.

1. dpkg-cross puts no files in the new multiarch locations, no matter
what - this prevents conflicts when the new version of dpkg is able to
install the packages containing those multiarch locations.

2. dpkg-cross enforces OLD behaviour for all packages no matter what -
this preserves the old paths for the current compilers.

3. packages that contain multiarch metadata in debian/control get an
explanation in the -cross package description and that's it - these
are henceforth termed zombie cross packages because they are only
needed to support remaining reverse dependencies.

4. need am emprunecross helper to identify these zombie cross packages
and delete them all. (emprunecross removes all -cross, the new helper
needs to be in dpkg-cross and far more precise.)

5. need zombie package-aware dpkg-checkbuilddeps

6. At some point *AFTER* dpkg has support for installing the true
multiarch packages in their correct (new) locations
(e.g. usr/lib/$triplet), then a new version of dpkg-cross can be
prepared that drops the old location from any new zombie packages
created after that time. All zombies (and only zombies) will be
made from multiarch-compatible packages and zombies created by the
final version of dpkg-cross will be truly empty.

Item 5 will wait, the important parts are:

a: current compilers work with current locations and gradually learn to
look in the new multiarch locations - packages or test chroots can be
manually fettled to have files in the relevant locations for testing
purposes. Alternatively, test with a patched dpkg that can use the
multiarch package itself.

b: when a version of dpkg is uploaded that understands how to install
an armel mulitarch package alongside the amd64 one, the cross package
will not prevent installation of the armel mulitarch package.

c: The aim is to have the wrapper for removing these zombie packages in
the version of dpkg-cross which makes it into Squeeze. Users are
advised to run the wrapper frequently to reduce problems of having a
new version of the headers in the multiarch location and a previous
version in the old cross location. It is not possible to impose a
arch-specific conflict in the zombie cross package but it might be
possible for the multiarch package to conflict with the zombie cross

d: the patch for #545464 is wrong because it puts symlinks in the new
location and the real files in the old location. This is unnecessary
churn when this zombie cross package merely needs to contain the files
for the old location and be deleted as soon as the reverse dependencies
make that possible.

e: if this all happens during a SONAME transition for a particular
package all bets are off - although it probably will work as the zombie
cross package will replace the previous cross package with the new
version headers.

f: essentially, the perennial problem of not being able to
automatically upgrade -cross packages remains as problematic as ever
because of #d and #e.

The intention here is to not require a new version of dpkg-cross
immediately that a new version of dpkg becomes available and to be sure
that the new version of dpkg can install multiarch packages without
dpkg-cross and -cross packages in general getting in the way.

There was always going to be some pain during this transition for those
who want to use dpkg-cross with Debian unstable (or squeeze until the
freeze starts) - that pain is mostly restricted to manually having to
update and upgrade -cross packages but as this burden is not new, I
don't see that as a barrier. It just becomes possibly more of an issue
than previously.


Neil Williams

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