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[ANNOUNCE] uClibc- released


The uClibc team is pleased to announce the release of
a bugfix release to the stable 0_9_30 branch that contains bugfixes as
mentioned in ¹) as well as a feature-backport of AT_FILE support off

As usual, you can either download this release from
or, alternatively, obtain the current stable release via
$ git clone git://git.busybox.net/uClibc
$ cd uClibc && git checkout -b 0.9.30 --track origin/0_9_30

You can keep your 0.9.30 branch up-to-date via usual git commands; for
reference, either consult your webbrowser visiting ²) or, if that yields
no sensible answer even asking numerous times, send a plea to the
uClibc-mailing list ³) for further assistance.

Improvements and fixes either on top of the origin/0_9_30 branch,
backport requests from master with the proper hash or patches against
master are of course welcome, as always!

Have fun and enjoy,

¹) http://uclibc.org/downloads/ChangeLog-
²) http://uclibc.org/developing.html
³) http://uclibc.org/lists.html

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