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Mounting dev in multistrap

To run the dropbear postinstall scripts in multistrap (part of
possible openmoko support), we need a /dev/random. There may well be
other packages that need /dev - the moaning by dpkg that /dev/pts
doesn't exist isn't a problem though.

In native mode I've borrowed pbuilder code to create and mount /dev
inside the chroot, also /proc and /dev/pts if the multistrap config
file contains the new "internaldev" field in the General section:


(This is only a test mode at the moment.)

pbuilder links /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab - not sure about that.
ln -s ../proc/mounts $BUILDPLACE/etc/mtab

multistrap will need to unmount these at the end of the run - how would
this play with custom configuration of the rootfs re conflicts etc.?

Does this complicate use of multistrap with foreign architectures?

Should internaldev be native only? Should it create the directories in
foreign but only mount in native?


Neil Williams

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