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lintian support


"This version [of lintian] has a few new command-line switches.
--suppress-tags and --suppress-tags-from-file allows disabling specific
tags that one never wants to see, added primarily for Emdebian to be
able to turn off particular tags but possibly of use in other
situations. -F or --ftp-master-rejects shows only those tags that might
result in an automated reject, although currently doesn't distinguish
between ones that can be overridden and ones that can't."

This will ease support for Emdebian Policy once Crush development picks
up again.


The methods for Crush 1.0 meant that *only* the Emdebian lintian tests
could be used whereas this support means that we can test cross-built
packages with *all relevant* lintian tests whilst omitting tests that
we know will fail (like binary-without-manpage) by putting a simple
file into the emdebian-tools package.


Neil Williams

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