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Re: Bug#561046: ITP: gcc-arm -- The GNU C Compiler (cross-compiler for ARM targets)

Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> I already had a look at the Emdebian documentation, but as it focused
> on either porting Debian or cross-compiling specifically for Linux
> targets, I went ahead and filed those ITPs for the main debian
> archive. I was comforted by the presence of the avr toolchain in main.
> Indeed, if you think emdebian is the right place for those packages,
> I'll be happy to maintain them under its umbrella.

I don't think that emdebian is the right direction for your package,
although there are certainly many parallels to what they are trying to
do.  The approach used by the AVR toolchain is more seems more appropriate.

What are your plans for a runtime library?  Newlib might be a good
choice, since there are already source and HC11 packages.  I haven't
looked at the details of the avr-libc package to see what they are doing.

Finally, you might should specify whether you are "binutils-armel" or
"binutils-armeb" instead of the more generic "binutils-arm", since the
latter architecture was deprecated for Debian.


Bill Gatliff

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