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Re: emdebian package build script emdebuild

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009 17:23:08 +0100
"Hoefle Marco" <Marco.Hoefle@nanotronic.ch> wrote:

> I downloaded the latest debian source package 

(You are aware that the "latest" anything for Crush is not exactly

Where did you get this source package? Debian sid? Emdebian Crush Lenny?

> and made changes to
> debian/rules in order to cross compile libdbus.

Changes based on the previous Crush patches?

Your patches need to remove the top level changelog entry so that the
version you are building is not foo_1.2.3em1 but foo_1.2.3

What do you get with parsechangelog in a clean tree *before* you try
and build dbus?

Packages already built for Emdebian Crush were never intended to be
build-dependencies for other packages built for Emdebian Crush - Crush
never could build itself, it was always a destination of the build, not
the buildd.

Only Grip can be used to build packages - this is deliberate because
any machine not capable of running Grip is also unlikely to be capable
of running a compiler (let alone installing a cross-compiler as well).

You're only in this situation because no ARM packages exist that have
been built natively. This is therefore a specialised situation and you
need to "undo" some of the changes that result from creating a package
for Crush.

> Installing the development package with dpkg-cross gives:

> hoefle@wks02-lin:/media/ext3_data/projects/haslerrail/emdebian_eval/datr
> a_src/bk/devel/src/opensrc/tools/dbus/build$ sudo dpkg-cross -i
> libdbus-1-dev_1.2.16-2em1_arm.deb 

Check the values within the package before you dpkg-cross it - use dpkg
-I libdbus-1-dev_1.2.16-2em1_arm.deb | grep Depends

>  libdbus-1-dev-arm-cross depends on libdbus-1-3-arm-cross (=
> 1.2.16-2em1em1); however:

dpkg-cross would only do this if this was the dependency already in the
package being passed to dpkg-cross.

> However, the control file in the package is:
> Package: libdbus-1-dev
> Source: dbus (1.2.16-2em1)
> Version: 1.2.16-2em1
> Architecture: arm

Then your debian/changelog is probably wrong - in the dbus source
package that you used to create libdbus-1-dev_1.2.16-2em1_arm.deb.


Neil Williams

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