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500 changes in Grip unstable

There have been problems within emdebian-grip-server that were causing
duplicate effort and masking the actual faults beneath a flood of
other data. I've now smoothed out the control flow through the scripts,
especially within the module, and improved the emgrip-dupes script.
(When a package exists in main and dev or doc, the checks that identify
packages needing updates get confused.)

emgrip-dupes is currently manual (hence still
in /usr/share/emdebian-tools/) but the rules it imposes are:

1. If a package is in main, it must not be anywhere else.

2. All source packages must be in main. Rule #1 also applies.

emgrip-dupes has three main modes:

1. report issues (default)
2. purge specific packages from main (leaving source intact).
3. trim specific packages to only be in main.

In purge mode, binaries are removed one architecture at a time and
'source' is skipped. 

Implementing these changes has led to a lot of changes in the archive,
particularly with packages that exist in dev, doc or debug being
removed from main.

dev packages: -dev suffix to package name or Section devel or libdevel
doc packages: -doc suffix to package name or Section doc
debug packages: -dbg suffix to package name or Section debug

There are also nearly 200 packages migrated into testing today - the
problems caused a bit of a backlog.

For now, some dependencies might not be complete - even in testing - so
bear with me. If you have particular missing dependencies or broken
packages - especially in testing - let me know. (Please check that the
same issue does not affect Debian at the same time, including checking
if Debian unstable is affected.)


Neil Williams

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