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Re: multistrap rootfs with initramfs

+++ Brendan Simon (eTRIX) [2009-11-01 00:23 +1100]:
> Wookey wrote:
> >> Is booting into a multistrap rootfs possible.
> >>     
> >
> > With a bit of tweakery so that enough is set up for booting. We
> > (balloonboard) avoid this by using a buildroot initramfs for first
> > boot and rootfs download/installation/configuration.
> >   
> I'm not quite sure what you're saying here.
> Do you create two linux/initramfs images.  One to do the initial
> configuration on boot, then somehow wrap the final filesystem into a new
> initramfs (eg. via cpio.tgz) and rebuild linux/initramfs with the fully
> configured rootfs image ??

Sorry I wasn't clear. 

Yes we create two rootfs images. One tiny uclibc one built with
buildroot which is combined with a kernel as an intramfs and loaded
into NOR flash. One much larger glibc rootfs created with multistrap
and the script I posted. 

Then we boot into the NOR kernel/initramfs and use that to install the
emdebian rootfs onto nand flash and configure it. (in fact we then
tar the result up and copy it off for future uploading because simple
uploading is _much_ faster than full configuration.)

> How is the "buildroot initramfs" created ??  Is this a multistrap rootfs
> that has been configured somehow (eg. nfsmounted), then used as a
> "buildroot initramfs" ??  Or is it some "non-debian" manually crafted
> minimal rootfs that can boot without configuration ??

The latter.

> Is the script you posted (which is on the wiki too) used to create the
> initial rootfs initramfs that is used for the first boot, or for the
> second roofs initramfs ??

The second, 'plain' rootfs. It's just an example of the sort of steps
you need to turn a multistrapped rootfs into something you can use on
a particualr system. Itis missing some steps that would be needed to
make it actually directly bootable before doing the configure -a stage.

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