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Re: Delays in Grip updates

+++ Neil Williams [2009-09-23 13:29 +0100]:
> I've done some testing with grip-cron.sh using a tmpfs and that support
> will be in emdebian-grip 2.2.1.
> Architecture-specific TDebs are proving to be the biggest cause of
> delays running the Grip update scripts now. TDebs are updated each time
> the source package version changes. The delays come about for two
> reasons:
> 1. the locale repository is organised via components that are
> identified from the locale root
> 2. reprepro isn't able to "batch" inclusion of packages for more than
> one component.
> So each TDeb gets it's own call to reprepro - exporting the indices
> each time.

I think (I haven't checked) that you could speed this up with the
--export=never reprepro option, then run reprepro export <codename> at
the end. 

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