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Re: Automatisation emdebian packages

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 10:42:35 +0200
hoefle marco <marco.hoefle@nanotronic.ch> wrote:

> I have a question regarding the emdebian packaging system.
> We have now ported some of our shared libraries and daemons to our
> emdebian system. This was all done by "hand".

... much the same as the rest of the emdebian system itself.

> Is emdebian using automatic scripts to build an emdebian package out
> of the sources?

Depends what you mean by "building from the sources". Emdebian builds
everything from the Debian source package (i.e to gain the benefit of
the Debian patches), not the raw upstream source package. Even then,
there are two main types of Debian source package for Emdebian - those
that have been patched (or have the patches already included into the
Debian package) and then there are the other 99.9% of Debian source
packages. :-(

For new packages, NO there is no automation - not at all, not even
slightly. Sorry. This is one of the things that needs to be created for
Crush 2.0 - the infrastructure that would support such tools. The vast
majority of Debian packages do not cross-build.

Once the package is ready for Emdebian (with patches in Emdebian SVN),
then the build can be automated. Even then, new releases of the package
in Debian can often either break the patches or break the build. Even
after a package has included cross-build support patches, new versions
can still break the cross-build because cross-build support is not
tested prior to upload to Debian.

> I suppose the "mother" debian has build scripts on the debian servers
> to build the packaging automatically once a new version is checked in.

Yes, but those builds are used for Grip, not Crush and the only
packages that are tested for cross-build success *prior* to an upload
to Debian are those packages which I maintain myself.

The core of the Debian build system is dpkg-buildpackage and Emdebian
still uses that core, with extensions.
> Is it the same for emdebian?

The emdebian-tools scripts do support an autobuilder - it was those
scripts that built Crush 1.0 and uploaded all the packages. However,
build problems since 1.0 mean that the autobuilders have not been
restarted, yet.

> If so I would like to have something similar to see if our apps can be
> "debianised" easily.

Making any source package into a Debian package is a long, detailed and
intensely manual process but if it was easily automated, there wouldn't
be any benefit in using Debian as the source of our packages . . .

Debian requires that code is portable - at least for native support -
and includes lots of patches for this purpose.


Neil Williams

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