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Re: Loading emdebian file system on ARM target from USB stick

On Mon, 2009-04-27 at 13:10 -0300, Amandeep Bhullar wrote:
> Yes, thanks that worked. I should not have given -o embedded.jffs2 in
> a different folder.
> Right now i am backing up my original filesystem using:
> cat /dev/mtdblock1 > /mnt/oldFS/original_jffs2_image
> How do i copy the newly formed emdebian filesystem. Do i give:
> cat /tmp/emdebian.jffs2 > /dev/mtdblock1
> Does it overwrite the existing filesystem or just appends this to
> existing one?

> Thanks again.

The existing one is overwritten. I would suggest to save your current
filesystem using a USB stick or via network (ftp or nfs).
I don't know how you filesystem tree is but some systems have the /var
folder physically in RAM, so you could use 
cat /dev/mtdblock1 /var/original_fs and afterwards use ftp to transfer
the file.

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