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Working Debian-Installer for Grip


OK, d-i appears to now be working for Grip. I've got a series of
snapshots for the graphic installer showing the process.

Main differences:

1. Use pre-seeding - the series can't show the initial boot screen,
but select Advanced Options and then Graphic Automated Install (or
just Automatic Install for a text based installer).

2. Enter the pre-seeding short URL when prompted to prevent needing to
enter parameters on the kernel command line. See: 

3. Once pre-seeded, the rest of the install is pretty normal, until you
get close to the end:

4. Refresh the Task List - Grip now provides tasks optimised for Grip
to ensure that tasksel can offer a working GUI desktop. However, to see
this refreshed list, you need to go back to the tasksel stage after
upgrading the packages. The first TaskSel reads data from the installer
image on the USB stick. The second TaskSel reads data from the
installed image on the device - Grip.
First TaskSel:
Second TaskSel:

Finally, pre-seeding currently has a little tweak-too-far - it sets the
vga=8 kernel option whilst also enabling splashy, which works for some
devices and not for others. (e.g. it works for the Acer Aspire1). It
gives the ability to see splashy in action from the very first boot. On
devices where vga needs a different setting, splashy will simply not
start and a normal text startup will ensue.

What we need in Squeeze is a splashy-udeb that can determine this value
during the install. For Lenny, we just have to knobble it via
pre-seeding so that splashy can "just-work".


Neil Williams

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