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Bug#512247: Add patch files for ltrace

Attached are emdebian patch files for ltrace and its dependency libelf.

They build ok and run on target.

A few points I'm not quite sure on:

In ltrace:
ltrace initially failed to cross build as it used uname -m in a sub
makefile (sysdeps/linux-gnu/Makefile) to build architecture dependent
I added a debian/patches/99_emdebian_no_auto_arch_detect.patch to fix
this by using DEB_HOST_ARCH

-ARCH           :=      $(shell uname -m | sed -e s/i.86/i386/ -e
s/sun4u/sparc64/ \
-                       -e s/arm.*/arm/ -e s/sa110/arm/ -e
s/ppc64/ppc/ -e s/s390x/s390/)
+ARCH           := $(DEB_HOST_ARCH)

However the Makefile also contains a clean target that uses ARCH.
Since clean is called by debuild after unpatching it was cleaning the
build machine arch not the target arch which caused dpkg-source to
fail on the second build.

To fix this I call the correct clean target from debian/rules too:
+       # sysdeps/linux-gnu/Makefile clean has been unpatched so
assumes build ARCH
+       $(MAKE) -C sysdeps/linux-gnu/$(DEB_HOST_ARCH) clean

in libelf:
It uses a configure file generated by autoconf 2.13 and
autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz states

cross-compiling with autoconf 2.13 is an Evil art, which shall turn sane and
bright minds into quivering wrecks upon contact with the madness that lies in
that path.

I basically copied the existing rxvt package for this - it seems to
work and i'm not (yet) a quivering wreck  :)

hope this is ok (changing autconf versions seems more like a job for
the debian package not emdebian patches)

Something odd in I18N: it was shipping a compiled gmo file rather than
generating it from the po. It was also preserving this file
(po/de.gmo) in debian/rules by backing it up in build: and restoring
it in clean:
This worked ok for the first build but  em_installtdeb removed the
file causing the backup made on the next build to fail.

I just patched debian/rules to remove the file and generate it each
time [the generated one is identical to the shipped one]

It looks like po/Makefile can compile a helper program however this is
not used when gettext is available.



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