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Bug#509604: Improvements in testing

Slowly making improvements with this one - a few final checks before
emdebian-tools 1.4.14 can be released with the latest code.

Problem remains that the update is taking a long time. em_autogrip
probably needs to be rewritten in perl simply to get an acceptable

It would also help if anyone has an easier way to quickly identify
differences between repositories.

One repository is a filtered Debian mirror - it only contains the
packages that Grip specifies.

One repository is the Grip version - binary packages have an 'em1'
version suffix and the packages themselves are smaller but the
repository details themselves are unchanged. Source packages are

It should be easier to compare one with the other and quickly generate
a list of packages that need to migrate into testing and packages that
have changed in unstable.

If anyone fancies helping with some perl to make that process both
reliable and v.fast, please send it to the bug report. Thanks.


Neil Williams

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