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Issues in Emdebian

Here's a list of what still needs to be done to get Emdebian 1.0

1. Emdebian Grip: emdebian-archive-keyring - if the Emdebian Archive
public key is not integrated into the Debian Installer, then
debootstrap fails to authenticate any of the packages after booting the
installer. The only keyring that debootstrap allows (inside D-I)
is /usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg which is normally a symlink
to /usr/share/keyrings/debian-archive-keyring.gpg. Our Emdebian key is
not part of that keyring - principally because DSA do not maintain the
www.emdebian.org server and it is not an "official" Debian release
machine. I'm not going to rebuild 21 ISO's (3 per architecture) - I
don't have the time - so I've asked Jelle to research how the
debian-eeepc team manage to hack their keys into the image. Anyone able
to help, please do so - we really need a method that can be used
independently of the architecture of the ISO itself - i.e. without
actually having to *run* any of the code in the ISO. In emdebian-tools
1.4.14, there will be a new package: emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb which
conflicts with and provides debian-archive-keyring-udeb which is the
package that provides /usr/share/keyrings/debian-archive-keyring.gpg and
the /usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg symlink for D-I. Our package can
replace that symlink with one to a keyring that includes the current
debian keyring plus our Emdebian one. I'm not sure if that is going to
help but it might. What we do need is a script that can run on the
www.emdebian.org server to rsync the relevant ISO's, process them to
add the key and only then make them available for download. Again,
1.4.14 will include a short preseeding file that can be used to set the
Emdebian Grip repository but it's just as easy to set it yourself
during install. If there is a way of wrapping the installer so that a
simple script can be called instead of manually typing the entire
preseeding command, that would be handy too. The D-I team are
hard-pressed right now with Lenny so please, don't pester them with
this - I've already asked and the above is the best we can devise
right now. You do need experience (or the time to gain experience) of
D-I to fix this one.

2. Emdebian Grip : further improvements to the emdebian-grip scripts to
process and synchronise the filter and grip repositories for unstable
and now for testing. (Releasing stable is merely a case of copying
testing into stable - it needs to be done immediately that Lenny is
released because packages will instantly be migrating from Debian
unstable into Debian testing (Squeeze) and therefore into the filter
repository too.) I'm OK handling this one but any help will be
appreciated - you need SSH access to the www.emdebian.org server (as
well as Emdebian SVN) to really be able to do much for this.

3. Emdebian Crush : Big problems here - ARM is fine and ARM is updating
OK. The problem is enhancing the repository support to cope with
multiple architectures without the infrastructure of dak and britney.
If you don't know what those are, this isn't the task for you. This is
a task that will continue beyond the release of 1.0 - Crush does need
to support more architectures and creating a complete buildd
infrastructure with per-arch binary uploads, testing migrations and the
rest is a *LOT* of work - work that is quite independent of actually
cross-building the packages or the Code Audit due next year.

4. Kernels for Grip - currently only an i386 and amd64 kernel exist, as
packages. Other architectures need someone to work out how D-I normally
gets the relevant kernel and how to get that into Grip or into the ISO,

5. More packages for Grip - I need to fill out Grip a bit more,
basically it currently provides only the packages that I need to use on
my Acer Aspire1. ;-) Don't go mad, I'm not adding all of GNOME or any
KDE, not for 1.0 anyway.

6. langupdate for Grip - langupdate runs the Emdebian TDeb support and
needs testing, bug fixes and general porting to other architectures
(cross-building). There is a bug in Grip at the moment that I want to
fix in 1.4.14 whereby /usr/share/locale/locale.alias goes missing -
you'll need to workaround that for now.

7. whatever crops up during testing for the above. ;-)

There are other issues that we need to meet head-on after the release
of 1.0 and Lenny but these are the main ones right now.

I'm filing bugs against the buildd.emdebian.org pseudo-package for each
of these issues - please follow-up to the bug reports as they appear in
the list, not to this thread.

Equally, all issues discovered in Grip or Crush should be reported to
the buildd.emdebian.org pseudo-package, rather than directly to the
mailing list. (It just helps Debian people unfamiliar with Emdebian to
get an understanding of the problems.) When reporting bugs against the
pseudo-package, use:
$ reportbug -I buildd.emdebian.org
to save lots of confusing messages about things not being installed.

Also, remember that no bug filed against buildd.emdebian.org can be of
severity higher than important and leave the version blank (always).


Neil Williams

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