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Re: Emdebian on armel: packages fail to build.

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 10:36:41 +0100
"Dimitri Michaux" <dimitri.michaux@gmail.com> wrote:

> I want to install emdebian on my OpenMoko (armel) and play around with
> it, but I can't create a root filesystem because a couple of packages
> refuse to compile: "busybox libstdc++6 libgcc1 libdebian-installer4
> debconf-shell". All the other packages compile without error and
> produce the right packages.

busybox is currently an "out-of-tree" manual build due to problems with
chpasswd and the Lenny freeze. Obtain the current source package from
the emdebian/ repository and use that.

libstdc++6 and libgcc1 are from gcc-4.3 and are perennial problems. You
will need the full build log to find out what is going wrong.
> I compile my packages like this:
> emsource --arch armel -b --build-dep foo

Use em_autobuild to get the loop working and the update-handler to work
with the buildd/ PHP scripts - that will get you the same environment
as the current ARM autobuilder.

Sadly, I do not expect to have time to debug armel
cross-building problems this side of the Lenny release.

> >From what I've read I understood that this command will build the
> package foo and all it's dependencies, so I think that's right. Then I
> use a for loop to automate building of all packages.

The loop is probably the source of your problems - you need a clean
chroot each time, which if you are not running unstable probably means
a chroot within a chroot. Problems can be anticipated but once working,
it should be ok. Note - I would advise only using unstable because
chroot-within-a-chroot is just something I do not do and so cannot
advise on how to fix problems.
> busybox clearly fails on a patch that it is trying to apply, but with
> the other packages I don't know what's wrong, they just print out
> "Recording that the package failed to build.". There don't appear to
> be any compiler errors.

The build log will have been created, check the failure there.
> I'm compiling from within a Debian Sid chroot and I'm compiling Sid
> source packages. I've read something about Squeeze on the website, but
> I can't find any Debian repositories named sqeeze.

That is because Squeeze is the name of the next Debian release after
Lenny so no Squeeze repositories will exist until Lenny has finally
been released.
> I must be doing something wrong, but I don't know what is, can someone
> please help me?

1. You are doing armel and although that should work, the builds have
not been done so I don't know if it does work.

2. You are not running unstable and you are getting problems with
unwanted cross-dependencies being left behind inside the chroot (as
well as unwanted native dependencies). You could use emprunecross but
that still leaves the normal build dependencies that need to be
cleaned out. sbuild does this by tracking what is installed but
emdebian-tools do not have the logic to do that at this time.

3. There is a whole team of people working on OpenMoko and Debian - it
is on my ToDo list to sort out but there are numerous bugs in Debian
packages that are frozen for the Lenny release and so I am extremely
doubtful that all the known problems are fixable, let alone the unknown
ones, until Lenny can be released and unstable becomes open to fixes

Now is probably not the time to be doing Emdebian Crush builds for
armel (or any architecture other than ARM). Everything has been stalled
by the delays to Lenny. Do us all a favour and use your time to fix RC
bugs so that we can release Lenny and then I'll be able to help you.

In the meantime, I'm looking at preparing Emdebian Grip for a list of
architectures, not just armel. Even there, problems exist that cannot
be fixed properly due to the freeze.


Neil Williams

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