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Re: Console Audio Application wanted

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 16:46:51 +0100
Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> wrote:

> for some minutes I have completed the  soldering  of  my  "Remote
> Audio Control Center" based on a AT91SAM9263 with a TFT display of
> 320x64,  a 32 MByte NAND Flash and 64 MByte SDRAM.  Hmmm, OK, It

Hmm, Emdebian doesn't have a GUI that will fit in that space and that
appears to be a MIPS board, so there are no cross-built packages yet.
Emdebian Grip isn't likely to fit into that space. The smallest GUI I'm
thinking of supporting right now is 64Mb and I'm not there yet.

Right now, porting Emdebian Crush to other architectures is problematic
and needs someone to step up to do the management of the repository.
The current dak / britney code needs to be ported (or similar software
derived) so that Emdebian Crush packages can migrate into testing in
the same way as Debian packages. Indeed, the same task is needed for
Emdebian Grip. However, the task is expected to be easier for Grip
(because of the automation), so I'm holding off the migration
development code until I can get Grip as a more usable test system.
That depends, to a fairly large extent, on getting fixes into critical
packages in Debian that are currently frozen for the Lenny release.

So the quicker we can get Lenny released, the easier it will be to get
things done.

> seems the NAND and SDRAM is a little bit overkilll and  I  will
> reduce  it  in  the  final version but for now I think, it is enough
> to experment with it.
> Now I try to get EmDebian into it...

Sorry, there is no Emdebian for this board at this time.

The route would be to create a local repository on your own systems,
using the existing Emdebian Crush patches (emsource, emdebuild etc.) to
cross-build the packages you need.

Once that is working, it will be easier to work out what needs to be
done to ensure all Emdebian packages can migrate together, as they
would in Debian.

> OK, what I need now is an audio application which can connect  to
> xmms2 or other Audio-Server...
> Can anyone recommend one?

None have been built for Emdebian, as yet.
> It can even be a Perl/Pythion library which I can put into a
> GTK-Pixbuff Interface...

There is no perl or python available for an Emdebian installation to
fit within the storage space allocated to your board.


Neil Williams

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