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Re: EmDebian on Debian Etch - A Step-By-Step Guide

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 07:22:52 -0700 (PDT)
"Bao C. Ha" <bao@hacom.net> wrote:

> Emdebian only makes sense if your flash storage is 16M or less.

Umm, we haven't got Emdebian that small, yet. The smallest Emdebian so
far is 24Mb installed (which might fit into 16Mb if using squashfs but
that is completely untested). For a GUI interface, Emdebian comes in at
74Mb - around 80-90% smaller than the equivalent Debian install.

Emdebian Grip will fill that gap - some rough figures:

A clean Debian installation on my Acer Aspire1, using XFCE starts with:
Total install:		1.4Gb
/usr/share/doc/		73Mb
/usr/share/man		11Mb
/usr/share/info		0.7Mb
/usr/share/locale	172Mb

So, initially, Grip could reduce that by ~300Mb - about 20% smaller.

However, the initial 1.4Gb isn't completely accurate - it is
artificially low because Install-Recommends was turned off as soon as
the standard system was installed and no other tasks were set for the
installation. Turning Recommends off at an earlier stage could
eliminate more packages.

$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/07disablerecommends 
  Install-Recommends "false"

One of the things I want to do for Emdebian Grip is pre-seed the
installer to set ext2 as the default instead of ext3, turn off
Recommends as early as possible and offer the XFCE environment as a
task (or use XFCE to replace the default Desktop choice of GNOME).


Neil Williams

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