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native build improvements

I've just completed a native build on i386 using emdebian-tools, just
the smallest package set (22 packages).

The packages have not been uploaded (yet), principally because there are
still a few issues and I don't have a sufficiently powerful i386 machine
to do a full build or keep that machine running as an i386 autobuilder.

emdebian-tools 1.4.11 will include various improvements for this kind of
situation but there remains an issue with needing to have emdebian-tools
installed in order to build natively but this will need to wait until
after Lenny is released and I get a chance to implement "nodocs" etc. in
debhelper and thereby CDBS. Some of the changes in 1.4.11 are to the PHP
code for the autobuilder reports and include changes that require PHP5. 


Neil Williams

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