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Changes in cairo and gtk

Just a heads up, #499662 has been fixed. This means that the cairo
DirectFB support in Debian and therefore Emdebian has been modified to
remove the need for the /usr/lib/libcairo-directfb/lib hack.

This greatly simplifies the Gtk build, it means that the Udeb should
now be buildable and it means that dpkg-cross can correctly ignore any
subdirectory of /usr/lib/. (The hack in dpkg-cross will be removed.)

>From the bug:
"A saner solution is probably to enable DirectFB support in the regular
cairo build, and to ship the DirectFB-only version only in the udeb."

After a little discussion with D-I, this change will get into Lenny so
we won't have any "important" or "useful" files in sub-directories
of /usr/lib/ anymore, except pkg-config stuff. All those files can
remain private modules, plugins etc.


Neil Williams

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