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Bug#480515: partial fix

As documentation of how this is being handled, Wookey and I discussed
this problem at Extremadura. The current fix is suboptimal (Emdebian
patches gconf to simply not provide the libldap2-dev build-dependency)
but there are a few issues that come out of this:

1. It would be better if gconf upstream supported a --disable-ldap
option to configure rather than auto-detecting ldap (this complicates
building inside and outside chroots). Thankfully, gconf is the only
package currently in Emdebian that needs libldap-dev so it is not an
actual problem, just an important theoretical one.

2. Emdebian needs to use DEB_VENDOR support and debian/control
substitution / patches to create a libgconf-noldap2-4 library or
something similar. i.e. the package name does need to change to indicate
that the cross-built library lacks the ldap symbols or applications that
expect to find those symbols in libgconf2-4 will crash in Emdebian.

See: http://lists.debian.org/debian-embedded/2008/09/msg00050.html


Neil Williams

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