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Plans for Emdebian testing

Just before I left DebConf8, the package autobuilder was at 100% in-line
with Debian unstable (it has since slipped) and this coincided with the
point when the last packages that had an automatic freeze exception
because they were uploaded to unstable prior to the Lenny freeze,
migrated into testing. Not all subsequent uploads into Debian unstable
will now migrate into Lenny, so the point has come to ensure we get the
right versions into Emdebian testing. i.e. not upload new versions to
Emdebian unstable that will not migrate into Debian Lenny until Emdebian
testing is in-sync with Debian Lenny.

Therefore, I'm now pausing the target package autobuilder until I can
expand emtargetcmp to handle 'testing'. This will allow me to run
comparisons between Emdebian testing and Debian testing to ensure that
we have the same versions available.

Once that is done, the current packages in Emdebian testing will be
updated to match current Debian testing. emtargetcmp --testing will then
be used to keep the two in sync as RC bugs are fixed. (The actual
reprepro commands will need to be done manually at this time,
emtargetcmp will simply highlight which packages need to migrate. I
might get around to a script to handle that but most of the current RC
bugs do not affect packages in Emdebian and some of the ones that do may
well be ignored for Lenny.) Naturally, this extra functionality in
emtargetcmp will not make it into the version of emdebian-tools actually
shipped with Lenny. I have separate plans for backporting some of these
changes via the Emdebian stable repository in due course.

Emdebian testing currently holds a "snapshot" of a previously working
package set and these versions will be replaced (the current versions
having been tested as working too).

One of the RC bugs relates to busybox (#484700) and severely hampers the
installation of Emdebian. This *might* be the one exception in Emdebian
1.0 - if D-I decide to ignore this RC bug for Lenny, I'll upload the
busybox 1.11 test package that I have already built, only to Emdebian
and migrate it to Emdebian testing, resulting in Emdebian 1.0 being
ahead of Debian 5.0 (Lenny) for that one package.

(busybox is too important in D-I for me to do an NMU of 1.11 without
some form of input from D-I.)

I'm preparing the RC upload for emdebian-tools at the moment. I'll then
upload the next version to Emdebian to bring the package into line with
current SVN, but I'll post separately about those changes.


Neil Williams

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