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Emdebian 1.0 ?

After a few discussions at DebCamp, I'd like to propose that we arrange
to make a "release" of sorts alongside Debian Lenny 5.0 and call it:

Emdebian 1.0 (based on Debian Lenny 5.0)

Due to the (continuing) changes needed between Emdebian and Debian,
probably best not to call it Emdebian Lenny 5.0 and it's not as if the
packages would justify a v5.0 at this stage. Indeed, it might be worth
calling it Emdebian 0.9 or 0.5.

What would be in the release?

Single architecture: ARM
243 source packages, 783 binaries and 1,629 TDebs.
Support (in Debian Lenny 5.0) for preparing root filesystems for a
variety of machines and variants from the available package set.
There won't be any .tgz files to download from www.emdebian.org 

Subsequent work is :

To bring TDebs to Debian in general.
To implement D-I support for Emdebian root filesystems (needs a fix for
the chpasswd bug) #484700
To support armel and i386.

I've got only 4 more packages to fix for the autobuilder (and two of
those can simply be dropped from Emdebian).

The majority of current patches can be dropped if I manage to persuade
Joey Hess to implement a fix for #448615

More can be dropped if the CDBS bug is also fixed: #450483
(afaict, nobody at DebConf for CDBS issues.)

Once Debian Lenny is released, I'll start delayed NMU's for the
remaining cross-building bugs:


Neil Williams

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