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Re: emDebian with Etch - only in a chroot

On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 10:08 +0200, Daniel Endres wrote:
> Hello mailinglist,
> i've tried to instal the emdebian-tools package. The problem is, that 
> I'm using etch and the emdebian-package is only availble for testing and 
> unstable.
> Of coures I could install testing/unstable. But I don't want to install 
> one of these for production purposes.
> Isn't there any possibility to get the emdebian-tools running under etch ?


You will need a Lenny or Sid debootstrap to create a chroot and then
install emdebian-tools in there. I would recommend Sid as there are
important bug fixes pending for dpkg-cross, emdebian-tools and apt-cross
which will take another 10 days to get into Lenny. IIRC debootstrap in
Etch supports creating a Lenny chroot which you can then upgrade to Sid.

Various bugs in the Etch versions of dpkg-cross and dpkg have been fixed
in Lenny and trying to upgrade the system to use the current versions is
likely to require an almost complete upgrade to Lenny anyway. In
particular, dpkg-cross has been completely re-written since Etch and
apt-cross is also missing from Etch. Both are fundamental to

Lenny will release with emdebian-tools support but I must strongly
recommend *against* trying to do any cross-building on Etch.


Neil Williams

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