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Re: runlevel, mountpoint, syntax error ( unexpected

On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 12:03 -0700, p wrote:
> Well, I still can't get the emdebian.gpe default script results to
> finish a ./emsecondstage. I see the contents were updated to include the
> missing runlevel packages but there is still the problem of

busybox does not support runlevels - mixing coreutils (which needs them)
and busybox (which doesn't understand them) is asking for trouble IMHO.
See other email for why I'm unable to fix that at the moment.

> Best I can figure is bash shell commands are used under busybox's sh.

Possibly - again, these are tested with lintian in current builds.

> P.S. x11-common still fails due to a non existent directory. Makes me
> think something else is missing from the package list. I'll check that
> too.

I think it might be a missing package - or just create that directory in
a machine:variant script.

Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>

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