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Re: [OT] MiniPCI GPS and GSM card for router

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Now for my other Mobilhomes/offices/workshops I want to  use  a  cheaper
> model and like to know, whether someone know  MiniPCI  GSM  cards  which
> support only GPRS 56kBit and are respectively much more expensive  since
> I have the need for at least 12 cards.  (Used cards are welcome too)
> The second thing is, that I need a NMEA compatible GPS card.  The one  I
> have currently choosen  is  a  "GPS Engine Board NL-954M"  but  it  cost
> 120 Euro which I not realy like to pay, since I need 8 of them.

Do you really need so much redundant hardware?

With gpsd, you could share the GPS engine's output with all the machines
on your LAN.  Likewise a GSM modem often looks like a PPP connection, so
it could be shared as well...

Bill Gatliff

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