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Re: [patch] buildcross trivial cleanup

Hello Bernhard,

  I hope you do not mind if I CC to debian-embedded :-)

  Let me explain a bit what buildcross is about. As i did not know
much about toolchains, i started to do my own experiments, so i coded
buildcross. Now, buildcross is meant to build cross toolchains for
emdebian.org, all official arches.

  Buildcross method

  Buildcross builds libraries (libc6, libc6-dev, libgcc1,
gcc-4.x-base) using apt-cross (dpkg-cross). Then it builds binutils
from source and finally gcc from source. The tricky part is to update
Debian build system with tested patches so all cross toolchains build
without errors. Right now, all 32/64bit arches (including triarch
mips(el)) are borked.

  If you plan to update buildcross, please use branch/ code instead
trunk/, there are still some ugly parts that can be reworked and

  Some other interesting scripts are emchain that is meant to build a
user toolchain following buildcross method but for the arch that the
user wants.

  emdebian-tools are a set of scripts to work more on the target side packages.

  So, work that would be helpfull is to add uClibc support, add
intelligence to build non-official arches (sh*, cris*, avr*, ...).
Also a Todo item would be to do unstable to testing and stable


2008/3/28, Bernhard Fischer <rep.dot.nop@gmail.com>:
> Since you updated the wiki, i'm looking at that buildcross thing since
>  it is mentioned prior to the rest.
>  ./buildcross<enter>
>  didn't show anything useful but created an empty ./logs/ directory.
>  Also the wording was not really nice, IMHO.
>  Please consider the attached patch..
>  2008-03-28  Bernhard Fischer  <aldot@gcc>
>         * buildcross: Cleanup and slight improvements.
>  TIA and cheers,
>  PS: now to see what this is ment to do.. ;)

 Héctor Orón

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