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Re: emchain libc mismatch for powerpc

I found the --force flag for emchain, and used that to see how far I could get.

It gets as far as trying to build gcc-4.3 but has the following unmet dependencies: libc6-dev-powerpc-cross (>=2.5), libc6-dev-ppc64-powerpc-cross (>=2.5), autmake1.9, libtool, autogen, gawk, binutils-powerpc-linux-gnu (>=2.17cvs20070426), bison (>=1:2.3), flex, realpath (>=1.9.12).

The error messages says that the dependencies can be overridden with -d (dpkg-buildpackage).
Can I do that via emchain somehow ??

Thanks, Brendan.

Brendan Simon wrote:

   emchain: Error.  Mismatch in source versions
   powerpc does not appear to have build 2.7-6 of libc successfully.
   Only version 2.7-9 is available on powerpc and emchain is unable to

Is there a way to tell emchain to use libc6 2.7-9, and ignore libc6 2.7-6 ???

Is this error because I am running a testing distribution, but trying to build emdebian cross tools from unstable sources ??

If so, does this mean that the only way to build emdebian cross tools is to run an unstable distribution?

I don't really want to do that. I'm happy to fight with testing, but not unstable. I'm having enough problems with X on testing as it is.

NOTE: I'm trying to build the powerpc cross tools, to help debug and fix them so we can get them back into emdebian :)


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