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Re: toolchain status

On 2008-03-07 10:23 +0000, Sam Clegg wrote:
> The arm toolchain is sid has been uninstallable (for me at least) for
> some time now.
> I have the following issue:
> apt-get install libgcc1-arm-cross 
> libgcc1-arm-cross: Depends: gcc-4.3-arm-linux-gnu-base (= 4.3.0~rc2-1) but 4.3-20080227-1 is to be installed
> Am I doing something wrong?

You may get this if you have a testing machine but are pointing at the
emdebian unstable repository. emdebian-tools (used to) install a
pointer to unstable by default so this may be your problem?

> Is there anything I can help out with to geting this fixed?  Do you recommned
> building the toolchain from source in the interim?

No, things really should be installable right now. If there is a real
problem we'll fix it.

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