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Re: Emdebian worksession proposal

One thing I'd like is less dependencies on some core packages. eg. networking devices don't need any graphics libraries. Last time I looked there was some kind of dependency on a graphics/video packages/s as the primary target device was a iPAQ (some something similar).

Maybe things have changed ???

Cheers, Brendan.

Hector Oron wrote:

  Once again we'll have an Emdebian worksession at Extremadura, ES,
probably during month of September. Emdebian team have started a wiki
page[1] telling about some of the details.

  We would like to have embedded and arm porter people, as well as
people doing Debian on a NAS, at Extremadura worksession. Please, note
that dates might change, it depends on you and Extremadura people,
those dates are not confirmed.

  I have been thinking on a posible agenda:

   # Embedded Debian in general
   # Improve build infrastructure (toolchain and target packages)
   # Prepare uClibc port (other C libraries would be also nice to have
) instead GLIBC (toolchain and target packages)
   # Improve support for balloon and NAS devices
   # Narrow down uninstallable packages on armel/testing
   # Support SH cross toolchain

  If you are able to participate on the worksession please feel free
to contact me or to write your name down in the wiki page. In the case
the number of participants would be more than we are allowed, Emdebian
core team will try to solve it somehow.

  We need to pick and confirm a date, ASAP, so we can save an slot at
the worksessions.

  Hector Oron

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianWorkSessionExtremadura2008

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