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Cross toolchain status and update


Current status

Emdebian.org should have, at least latest Debian gcc-4.2 and gcc-4.3
cross toolchains at emdebian.org unstable repositories.[1]

We have amd64 and i386 cross toolchains to be used to cross build for
"arm armel mips mipsel powerpc sparc s390 m68k hppa alpha ia64"

There is some trouble when building gcc-4.3 for powerpc[2], s390[3]
and sparc[4], but you can still use gcc-4.2.

amd64<->i386 compilers

I believe, i386->amd64 compiler still broken, but amd64->i386
(gcc-4.2) is built. Anyway, i believe those kind of compilers are
useless but maybe is somebody out there that uses it and would like to
fix them. (Tim Bagot has been working on it, see #464365, #466422)


* SH{3,3eb,4,4eb} arches would be a nice thing to have. :-)
* uClibc capable toolchain would be another good thing to have.[5]

Future plans

* Fix completely gcc-4.3 for all official Debian arches.
* Automate 100% cross toolchain autobuilding.
* Add migration feature to migrate packages from unstable to testing
as Debian does.
* Improve and polish buildcross[6] (emdebian.org cross toolchain builder).

Best Regards and happy hacking,
  Hector Oron a.k.a. <zumbi>

P.S.- If you have trouble installing the toolchain (unstable btm), please visit

        If you have any trouble, comment or suggestion, please tell to
debian-embedded list. :-)

[1] http://www.emdebian.org/debian/
[2] http://www.emdebian.org/~zumbi/toolchain/unstable-toolchain-i386/logs//i386-powerpc-4.3.log
[3] http://www.emdebian.org/~zumbi/toolchain/unstable-toolchain-i386/logs//i386-s390-4.3.log
[4] http://www.emdebian.org/~zumbi/toolchain/unstable-toolchain-i386/logs//i386-sparc-4.3.log
[5] http://uclibc.debian.net/
[6] http://buildd.emdebian.org/svn/browser/current/emdebian/trunk/buildcross/branch

 Héctor Orón

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