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Re: Hopeful get Emdebian on i386 working! with a little help!! please

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:24:44 -0000
"Tim Massey" <tim@temsc.co.uk> wrote:

> Thank you for this help I will get to work! I am a little confused though, I
> completely understand that I am not cross compiling but I thought that a
> part of Emdebian-tools was the stripping down function of standard debian
> packages and making them smaller? Or have I got this wrong?

That's right - but only some of the scripts in emdebian-tools do that
bit, other scripts do jobs related specifically (and exclusively)
to cross building. It is a cross-building toolset with native build
support, not the other way around.

> I also understand after running them that emsetup and emsandbox did nothing
> for me because like you said I am not cross compiling, but from what I think
> you are saying is that I use standard debian packages to build my chroot
> using something like debootstrap Sid /tmp/blah but I know I can do this but
> this would be debian would it not rather than Emdebian or do I have to use
> Emdebian-tool somewhere or somehow??

Emdebian needs to be built inside Debian. Create the Debian environment
and then install emdebian-tools into that environment, get the package
source into the environment and work in there.

Once built, Emdebian packages are then installed to give you an
Emdebian environment that has *no* package building support. (Otherwise
you'd simply install Debian on the device and build what you need on
the device itself.)

> Thank you for replying I will have to do more reading and researching but I
> seems to be very few documents written on it 

Feel free to add to the Wiki. I only over cross-build for ARM and using
emdebian-tools for native builds is a recent addition. i.e. if you
want docs for this usage, please write them. :-)

> and final I agree this will
> take some time to do but I am in no rush

A. because it breaks the flow of the answer.
Q. Why is top posting bad? 

Please start your reply within the message, not at the top of the new


Neil Williams

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