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Re: tftpd on Etch

Junior a écrit :

Has anyone notice any problems with tftp server on etch?
It's behaving really strange. I've been trying to get it up but most of the times it doesn't work and when it does it seem to be able to read some files but not others, same file permissions. They worked perfectly on my sarge but not on etch. I pulled tftpd off repository.
If no one has seen this before then I guess I'm missing something.


Debian offers atftpd, tftpd and tftpd-hpa. I use tftpd without problem. I had problems instead with atftpd because it implements the newer features of the tftp protocol (options) in a way which is not backward compatible with older clients.

I have permissions 755 for both directories and files, since I don't use tftp writes. Everything belongs to root.


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