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emdebian-tools 0.7.4

Changes in 0.7.4:

   * emsetup: check for an updated emdebian-tools package in Emdebian
   * empdebuild: login should be as close to failsafe as possible so do
     v.little else.
   * Emdebian::Tools - avoid metapackages in checks for latest gcc and
     libc by looking for a binary package in the cache
   * manpage/debconf unclear on default directory for emsource (Closes:
   * Move po-debconf from Build-Depends-Indep back to Build-Depends to
     support clean target
   * emsource: Detect if tree already exists and simply exit with a
   * [INTL:gl] Galician debconf template translation for emdebian-tools
     (Closes: #459796)
   * emdebuild: use Dpkg::Deps to allow any valid construct in

v0.8.0 is now waiting for translation updates because of the template
change for #459780. Three translations in so far (translators choose
whether to file a bug or use direct email).

I've also made a few tweaks to Gtk+2 and the packages should now be
installable - just one reminder:

When installing packages, ensure that you have set:

Hopefully, a future version of cdebconf|debconf will fix this.

This is how emsandbox handles debconf and cdebconf so it is taken
straight from /usr/lib/emdebian-tools/emdebian.*

Continuing with X testing . . . .


Neil Williams

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