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Ответ: Ответ: Building i386 as target on amd64

> > > Use debootstrap to create an i386 chroot on your amd64 box. You do not
> > > need a cross compiler or toolchain.
> >
> > debootstrap from what mirror?
> From a normal Debian mirror. The chroot is a build chroot using normal
> Debian packages, into which you download the packages to be built.

Oh! Now I've got you.

> Waste of time - you don't need a toolchain for what you want. You are
> not cross compiling. Build an i386 chroot and build normally.

Ok. I'll try this way. BTW, is there any automated tool which can
build the Emdebian repository with your patches taken from SVN? Or the
sources at buildd.emdebian.org/emdebian have already the patches
applied and I can use something like pbuilder?

Thanks a lot for your replies.

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