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emdebian-tools 0.7.3 upload

emdebian-tools (0.7.3) unstable; urgency=low

  emlocale has been removed from emdebian-tools.

emlocale has been replaced by em_installtdeb which operates without
$pkg-locale-$lang files and emdebian-$pkg-locale patch files and without
changes to debian/control. em_installtdeb runs at the end of the build
(acting as a second build if the first completes successfully) and the
results of the em_installtdeb run are checked with the same emdebuild
build checks as before. This provides a second .changes file, a
second .dsc file and a stripped down .tdeb.tar.gz tarball containing
(hopefully) enough files for translators to prepare independent tdeb
uploads. Emdebian has support for the necessary 'locale' repository and
the tdeb .changes file must NOT be uploaded to the normal Emdebian
target repository, neither should tdeb files be uploaded to Debian at
this time. See em_installtdeb (1).

  This change also means that debian/control patches will disappear for
some packages, allowing smoother updates.

  Also, gccross support from dpkg-cross is now optional. Most packages
will build successfully without it. Packages that build and link against
internal libraries will need to use 'X-Build-Cross-Libtool: yes' in
debian/xcontrol. See emdebuild (1).

(This notice is also included as NEWS.Debian in the 0.7.3 package).


Neil Williams

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