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Re: uclibc tools and packages

Simon Richter wrote:

Brendan Simon wrote:

Are there any uclibc emdebian packages ???

Not officially. uClibc is currently not in Debian, as a full licence review of the source code needs to happen first.

I have some packages at http://uclibc.debian.net/ that might help you here; the "uclibc-toolchain" packages depend on the glibc based cross compilers from emdebian.
Hi Simon,

This is a very good start :)

I can't see any cross-compiler support. I have an amd64 and i386 host, and I want to cross-compile to a m68k (coldfire) target with uclibc.

Does the uclibc-toolchain work for cross-compilation. It didn't look like it did.

Can I easily use the existing m68k emdebian cross-compilers for uclibc targets?

Any chance of getting a busybox package in there soon?

SSH would be great too. I imagine OpenSSL/SSH is quite awkward to build and cross-compile, but I think DropBear should be easier.

Cheers, Brendan.

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