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Re: Cross gdb (was: PPC64 compiler available?)

On Nov 25, 2007 6:03 PM, Stefan Weil <Stefan.Weil@weilnetz.de> wrote:
> It would be great and enhance the usability of the cross tools very much
> if cross GDBs were available.
> I need cross gdb for MIPS big and little endian guest with x86 host
> and would be willing to test packages which provide that.
Shame on me for self-advertising here, but you might want to look at
slind's [1] cross-toolchain that includes cross-gdb [2] (target
packages for gdbserver [3] and full-fledged gdb are also available),
although those for mips architectures lack testing, so it would be
nice if you could give them a try.

[1]: ftp://ftp.slind.org/pub/SLIND/
[2]: ftp://ftp.slind.org/pub/SLIND/pool/host-tools/g/gdb/clydesdale/
[3]: ftp://ftp.slind.org/pub/SLIND/pool/debug/g/gdb/clydesdale

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