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Re: Blockers for the emdebian rootfs

On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 07:49:11PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
>I've been playing with the Balloon3 board that Wookey kindly donated to
>me in order to get a usable rootfs for Emdebian.
>Quite a few problems have been fixed and the updated packages will be
>uploaded soon - all the revised patches are in Emdebian SVN so
>'emsource -c' should be OK. If you are using emdebian-tools 0.3.9,
>there is a new 'emsource -b PACKAGE' option which will clean your
>existing emsource directory, update the patches to SVN and proceed
>directly into an automated build. One step closer to an autobuilder.
>Main fixes:
>busybox - the '/bin/busybox --install' command is buggy and puts the
>hardlinks in the wrong place. Patches in SVN add an upstream install
>script to the busybox package which 'emsandbox' should be able to use.

I'm curious how it is buggy? The installer works fine for me. A sequence
for me to reproduce this with busybox-1.7.2 would be very welcome.

TIA and cheers,

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